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Day Camp 2016!

Now enrolling children for our Summer Day Camp program (child care). Day Camp is for children who have completed Kindergarten thru 6th grade, this school year.  Day Camp starts Tues., May 31st, & ends Fri., August 5.   Cost:-$105.00- full time(4 -5 days) or $75.00 – part time (2-3 days); & $35 non refundable registration fee….


While it’s true that  the pastors, elders, and apostles in the new Testament made disciples, we can’t overlook the fact that discipleship was everyone’s job. The members of the early church took their responsibility to make disciples very seriously. To them, the church wasn’t a corporation run by a CEO. Rather, they compared the church…

A Word from Pastor Keith

The mission of Valley Grove Baptist Church is “to win the world for Christ from Seymour, South Knoxville, TN.” Well, how do we do that? I believe we do it through this very simple formula of GATHER…GROW…GO. We GATHER for worship, we GROW in our relationship with Christ and with others and then we GO…

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